Jennifer watched as Henry walked down into the cellar, Sarah in his arms. Her little girl. She fought the urge to cry as she watched the tiny girl talk to her father, her blue eyes wide and questioning. She had no idea what was going on—what was about to happen.

"Henry," she said softly, drawing his attention. "L-let me—I need to—" she couldn’t finish the sentence; couldn’t face the reality of what was happening. But Henry understood, and without a word he nodded and walked over to her, handing her Sarah. 

She stared down at the little girl in her arms, once again fighting tears. She was pretty sure that this would be the last time she saw her daughter, and it broke her heart. She took a shaky breath as she leaned down, placing a kiss on Sarah’s brow. “Mommy loves you,” she whispered softly. “Mommy loves you very much.” 

Sarah looked up at Jennifer with wide eyes as she was handed back to Henry. Jennifer didn’t have to say anything, as Henry already knew what to do. She watched as Henry walked into the bathroom, returning a moment later. She hoped that the Organization didn’t find her—that she wouldn’t be captured by them. 

It was a while before they arrived, and they heard a loud explosion from upstairs. She felt a hand grasp hers and she looked over at her husband. She could see the fear in his eyes, even if his expression didn’t show it. She stared at him for a moment before giving him a miniscule nod and turned back to the cellar door, just as it flew open.

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